In-Office Assessments

Developmental / Primary Reflex Assessment                


For Younger Clients,  ages 2 - 4 years old


Children in this age range are changing rapidly in every possible way.  This is something you already know if you are a parent! You may be thinking:  “Why would a child this young be trending towards behavior or developmental issues?  Maybe you have done everything the same with each of your children but one of them is causing concerns.


Everyone is different, but developmental progression is the same. Universally, children follow the same patterns of physical and cognitive growth. Yes, children in this age range do have tantrums, refuse to pick up toys, and can appear stubborn.  But those typical moments should be short lived followed by parenting directives applied consistently. 

If your child is having difficulty with transitions, self-soothing abilities, following verbal directions, or regaining self-control, it may be a good time to take a look at some of the developmental foundations found in primary reflexes.




Asymmetric Tonic Neck

Tonic Labyrinthine



  1. You will complete a developmental questionnaire that covers information about prior and current tolerance of textures, sounds, foods, sleep, etc. prior to the appointment.

  2. Parents stay with the child and are involved in the session.

  3. During the appointment we will engage your child in simple patterns of movement that will elicit the reflex response if the reflex has not integrated into the body’s general pattern of functioning.

  4. If there is a pattern of multiple reflexes showing as “retained,” home-based activities will be offered for you to do daily. These take about 15 minutes each day.

  5. A follow up summary of the session will be emailed a few days later.

  6. We will meet once a month to guide the next set of activities until the program is complete.

  7. Programs that are consistently done daily provide the best results.


Sessions are $150 each.