Rhea Brashear


“I believe the earliest periods of development are an important foundation for education.  Evaluating the preparedness of a child for learning from the perspective of sensory-motor development offers unique insight to unlock their potential.” 

Rhea Brashear lives in Thomasville, GA.  She enjoys serving families by providing services for children and adolescents struggling with developmental delays and learning issues.  She integrates her Christian faith with a passion for teaching children along with an advanced understanding of developmental foundations into a unique blend of educational consultant.  Her personal experience as a mother of a child with speech and learning issues gives her a real life understanding of the vital role parents play in helping their children.


 She incorporates  a holistic perspective on  developmental differences, such as Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other challenges that can be effectively addressed by looking at the roots causes through the lens of neurodevelopment. Her studies with the HANDLE Institute began in 2005. She is a certified as a Practitioner for ages 2 years - adult and provides in office assessments, homes based therapeutic programs as well and offering school consultations.  


Rhea earned a master’s degree in Early Childhood Services from Arkansas State University and was inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi honor society in 2020.  She has a passion for teaching and working with communities to create programs suited to children’s needs. Rhea’s desire is to work with forward thinking educators to create a teaching methodology that will bring together best practices for the benefit of each child individually.


Rhea’s professional experiences include Montessori teacher, school administrator, and consultant.  She has been a speaker and presenter at national conferences as well and providing local training for schools in her area.  She serves as a volunteer and advocate for literacy in Thomasville, GA.